Piping Products

P-ex piping such as Tradepex, Rehau, Uponor and Gerpex is designed specifically for heating systems and is more cost-effective than copper piping.

Our installations will always use P-ex piping unless otherwise requested. FYI – All exposed pipework to radiator panels are finished in polished chrome copper tube and Escutcheon plates to suit.

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Our Manufacturers


REHAU’s world renowned PE-Xa (cross linked polyethylene) Rehau piping systems are amongst the toughest  pipes available for hydronic heating systems. Completed by the permanent leak proof compression sleeve jointing technology, REHAU  piping systems provide trouble free installation each and every time. 


Emmeti Gerpex Multilayer Pipe is the ideal solution for use with In-Screed floor and wall  panel heating systems. It combines the usability and durability advantages of a plastic pipe to the sturdiness and dimensional stability to temperature and pressure of a metal pipe.


Uponor multi-layer and PexA  pipe is used for both radiator and floor heating systems. Being 100% resistant to oxygen diffusion, temperature resistant and flexible, it offers outstanding properties for all types of heating installations.  


Tradepex PEX-A pipe for hydronic installations  is a cross-linked, polyethylene (PE) pipe that is extremely durable, even at temperatures of up to 95 degrees Celsius, and has a high tolerance to wear and corrosion. It’s amongst  the most durable and  flexible of all PEX tubing types.

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