Radiator Panels

Melbourne Hydronic Heating is proud to offer you the radiator panels in the world. 

Our panel radiators are designed and manufactured in Europe, meeting the highest international standards of workmanship. Delonghi, Henrad and Purmo are our most common brands with a standard design.

For more information on our Radiator Panels range, please explore some of the options below or contact us.

Discover our Radiator Panels

Delonghi Radel Steel Panels

Hydronic panel radiators are not only high performance – elegance, superb finish and design are an integral part of the completed product.

Made using top quality techniques and materials, it guarantees high thermal efficiency and great reliability. Interior design trends change and redefine spaces, but its compact essential shape is always modern and versatile. 

Delonghi Linear

Linear radiators offer a clean sleek minimalist look for your home while combining looks and warmth in one superior product. A key feature of the Linear radiators is the perfectly smooth lustrous finish on the flat front panel, allowing you to blend them with any interior décor. 

Henrad Steel Panels

The Compact radiator is the most popular in the Henrad range. Compact is fully dressed with side panels and a decorative upper grille that seamlessly join the radiator to a high standard of finish to suit any decor. The Compact range comes in a complete range of single, double or triple panel configurations to suit the heat output required, with stock readily available. A selection of different sizes and specification can be easily chosen to provide a complete home heating solution across multiple rooms as the huge range will fit any interior space, from 400mm to 3000mm wide and six heights up to 900mm. 

Henrad Plan Linear

The Everest Plan and Line deco panel range feature a modern and minimalist design approach. The flat fronts and closely fitting upper grille and side panels of the Everest range result in a sleek and timeless design. 


A world leader in hydronic heating, Purmo delivers European style and quality matched with energy performance.

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