Historic new deal puts emissions reduction at the heart of Australia’s energy sector

Australia’s energy ministers on Friday voted to make emissions reduction a key national energy goal, in a major step forward in the clean energy transition. Federal, state and territory energy ministers agreed to include emissions in what’s known as the “national energy objectives”. The objectives guide rule-making and other decisions concerning electricity, retail energy and gas. Announcing the deal on Friday, Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen said it was the first change to the objectives in 15 years. He added: This is important, it sends a very clear direction to our energy market operators, that they must include emissions reductions in the work that they do … 

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Australia’s high gas prices could be here to stay if threats don’t turn into action | Energy | The Guardian

The east coast faces a potential gas shortfall in 2023 amounting to 10% of demand and there are calls for exporters to fill the gap…

Some time in the next couple of weeks, a well-known ASX-listed company could go to the wall if it can’t secure a new contract for gas.

That firm, for now at least, can’t go public without its share price cratering and its employees and suppliers being sent into a panic.

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Renewable energy: Origin, Energy Australia want new projects fast-tracked as coal is phased out

Australian power giants are calling for market reforms to focus on spurring new projects that can back up renewables.

Ahead of further negotiations between state and federal ministers on ways to avoid future energy shocks, a key proposal is for a “capacity mechanism” that would reward companies for guaranteeing power that can be called upon when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining, rather than only paying them for the power they produce.

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Australia’s national energy market operator triggers gas supply guarantee

Australia’s energy market operator has executed a bold move in order to stop a looming gas crisis in one state.

The national energy market operator has activated its gas supply guarantee for only the second time in a move to save Victoria from a looming gas crisis.

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) announced on Tuesday night that it had ordered Queensland suppliers to send gas to NSW, preventing the Sunshine State from selling it overseas.

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CSIRO: Wind and Solar Are the Cheapest Sources of Energy in Australia

The CSIRO’s annual GenCost report has found that renewables remain the cheapest new-build electricity generation option in Australia.

Energy has been a massive topic recently in Australia, from energy providers telling their customers to go elsewhere to AEMO suspending the National Energy Market (NEM), all in response to dramatic price increases.

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Maintenance Checklist for Central Heating Systems

Expert advice on maintaining central heating systems, including forced-air and hydronic heating systems. Includes heat pumps, furnaces, thermostats.

A certified professional should inspect your HVAC system at least once a year. Routine inspections will enable you to spot emerging problems before they develop into full-blown emergencies, and regular cleaning of key components will keep systems running efficiently and maintain indoor air quality.

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Want to save £240 a year? Stop leaving the central heating on for your pets | Pets | The Guardian

Humans may need radiators, but healthy cats and dogs don’t.So here’s one easy way to slash your fuel bills…

They don’t tell you this when you get a cat – that heating it is extra. The thing is, it’s totally unnecessary: cats and dogs are designed to live outside, and vets say there is no need to leave the heating on for a healthy pet during the day, even in the dead of winter.

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Australia property prices: Houses with energy-efficient features such as solar panels sell for $125,000 more

A new report reveals the features that help homeowners sell faster, fetch a price premium, and save money in the long term on their running costs.

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