Our Products

The quality of our products will have you and your family enjoying warmth, comfort and peace of mind throughout winter.

Save up to 50% compared to other heating systems, by using our high-efficiency boilers and low water content systems. Then style your installation to suit your home! Thanks to modern European technology, the options are endless. Choose from our range of products or have your installation parts custom-built.

Whether you’re renovating, buying a new home or just want to feel warm and cosy this winter, Melbourne Hydronic Heating can design a system that’s perfect for you.

View a range of our products below or visit our showroom to see the latest designer panels and towel warmers.

Discover our Products

Heating Boilers

Expertly developed in Europe, where hydronic heating drives continuous innovation, we install state of the art boilers including Baxi, Immergas, Sime, Bosch, Meridian and Ferroli.

Heat Pumps

With an increasing number of families looking into alternative energy’s to keep their homes warm over winter Heatpumps have started to see huge popularity in producing hot water, heating water and cooling water in a way that is renewable, Melbourne Hydronic Heating has been at the forefront of installing these cutting edge units only being associated with the best brands available in today’s market. 

Heated Towel Rails

Enjoy being enveloped in a warm towel after bathing or showering by adding the luxury of heated towel rails to your hydronic heating system. 

Radiator Panels

Our panel radiators are designed and manufactured in Europe, meeting the highest international standards of workmanship. Delonghi and Henrad are our most sought-after designs, with a range of customised radiators displayed in our showroom.

Designer Range Panels

Choose from modern designs that become a visual centrepiece, more subtle contemporary solutions or ornate traditional panels – the options are almost endless. Choosing from our Designer Panel range will ensure your hydronic system delivers more than just heat to your home. 

Trench Convectors

If rooms in your home have a large spread of glass, such as floor-to-ceiling windows or bi-fold doors, we recommend using a trench convector. This is a discrete way of heating a room without affecting its aesthetics. Heat is channelled through a steel unit installed in the sub-floor of your home, and connected to the hydronic heating system throughout your house. The unit itself is concealed by a stylish floor grille, custom-made for your home. 

Underfloor Heating

Melbourne Hydronic Heating uses advanced REHAU, Uponor and Gerpex piping technology for all its underfloor heating jobs. These pipes are corrosion-free and resistant to scale build up, which means the system requires minimal maintenance. 

Piping Products

P-ex piping such as Tradepex, Rehau, Uponor and Gerpex is designed specifically for heating systems and is more cost-effective than copper piping. Our installations will always use P-ex piping unless otherwise requested. FYI – All exposed pipework to radiator panels are finished in polished chrome copper tube and Escutcheon plates to suit.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

Heat recovery systems are sometimes known as mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems. Some people prefer this name because the systems use motors and fans to create artificial ventilation. Other common forms of home ventilation often rely purely upon physical effects to move air around. 


Take control of your home comfort and save on energy costs with a range of Home thermostats from leading brands. From smart WiFi thermostats with room sensors and humidification control, to programmable and non-programmable thermostats products we have an option to meet any variety of needs. 

For further information on our range of products, please contact us or visit the websites of our leading suppliers, Hunt Heating, Hydro Heat Supplies Pty Ltd., Reece or Tradelink.