Underfloor Heating

Looking for a minimalist design for your hydronic heating system? What could be more minimal than invisible!

With a floor coil system, heated water flows through pipes under tiled, timber, concrete or suspended floors. Heat is released through the floor, discreetly and comfortably warming your home.

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Discover our Underfloor Heating Options


With minimum overall depth, Uponor Minitec is an ideal system for renovation projects. The Uponor Minitec sheeting element with specialised PEX-A pipes measuring 9.9 x 1.1 mm, is easy to lay on existing screed.  The adhesive layer on the back of the sheet guarantees a secure bond during installation.  The levelling layer is installed just above the raised knuckles, resulting in an increase in floor height of only 15mm.

In Slab

This is the most common application due to budget and simplicity.

16mm Dia pex piping is tied at approximately 200mm centres in a spiral or serpentine pattern at an optimum depth of 50-70mm below finished floor level. 


In screed heating is the most and responsive method of under floor hydronic heating, it can be installed in both new and existing homes. Under floor heating pipe is located and secured into Pipe Positioning Board, at a distance of 200mm apart, which is laid directly on top of a pre poured structural slab (set down). The under floor heating pipe and Pipe Positioning Board are then screeded over with a minimum of 50mm thick concrete screed. 

Suspended Floor

This method of underfloor heating based on installing  an Aluminium ‘Heat Emission Plate’, between the  joists, These are designed to conduct heat energy from the piping placed in pre fabricated grooves this creates a larger heat transfer surface area. An  insulation  board or batts should be placed under the plates to reflect the heat up aiding  efficiency and response times.

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