Why Choose Hydronic Heating?

There are numerous reasons to choose hydronic heating, from being cheaper and more effective to run – to being a more comfortable, quiet and controllable heating solution. 

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Why Choose Hydronic Heating?

Environmentally Friendly

Imagine coming home to a warm house without the environmental costs weighing on your conscience.

Hydronic Heating uses far less energy than ducted heating systems, so by reducing carbon emissions, it helps to lower your carbon footprint. Programme your thermostat to suit your lifestyle and enjoy warmth and comfort within minutes.

Reduce Airborne Allergens

Breathe easier and feel better with the guarantee that your hydronic heating system won’t generate any by-products commonly associated with ducted heating, such as dust circulation and an increase in aero-allergens.

These common triggers for asthma and other breathing allergies will pose no health threat in your home, nor will you be subjected to other recurrent ailments associated with ducted heating systems, such as sore eyes, coughs or dry throats.

Cheaper Running Costs

Reduce your energy costs by heating only the spaces you need – and only when you need them heated.

A hydronic heating system is an excellent economical and flexible way to control your energy bills. Simply turn off the radiator panels in the rooms you’re not using and use thermostatic heads to regulate temperatures in the rooms you are.

And if your property has high ceilings? It’s no problem!

Safer for the Family

Protect your loved ones from wood burning fire risk, dangerous electrical heater elements and airborne allergens.

Radiator panels used for hydronic heating only get as hot as the water that heats them (generally around 75 degrees Celsius). Although very warm to touch, they will not cause serious burns or scalds.

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