Hydronic Heating Service Repair and Maintenance

Prevention is better than an expensive cure and you’ll find most warranties in Australia (especially extended ones) for your boiler are only set in stone if you have records of a regular boiler service and check.

When your hydronic heating system is cleared of air pockets, evenly balanced for heat output and the boiler parts are clean with unimeded airflow for the flue, your equipment will be under less stress, it will last longer, and your energy costs will be at an optimum .

We are accredited Baxi, Sime, immergas service tech and installers.

A general service based on a single domestic boiler is $230.00 (Melbourne metro)

This includes:

  • Check gas and water pressures
  • Clean/clear flue airways
  • Check system panels/floorcoils for trapped air
  • Balance water flow to panels /floorcoil zones for equal heat distribution
  • Check thermostat programmer batteries
  • Update service manual booklet

Any repair of faults or issues with existing pipework, fittings, programmers, boiler parts and associated equipment are not covered in the general service fee. Additional costs may apply and will not be addressed unless confirmation of additional works/costings are agreed by you.

Please feel free to fill in your details below and a member of our team will contact you within 48 hours.