Maoneng reveals plans for 950 MW solar-battery project in Australia –

Maoneng has unveiled ambitious plans to build a giant solar farm and battery energy storage facility in Australia.

Sydney-based renewables developer Maoneng said that the proposed Merriwa Energy Hub, to be built in New South Wales (NSW), will be one of the largest renewable energy hubs in Australia, with a 550 MW solar farm and a 400 MW/1,600 MWh battery energy storage system (BESS).

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Imagine it’s 2030 and Australia is a renewable energy superpower in Southeast Asia

There is a big opportunity for Australia to help Southeast Asia meet its energy needs. But time is running out.

We are into the final fortnight of the election campaign, and commentators have noted that climate change has been almost invisible. This is despite the latest IPCC report in April calling for urgent action to avoid catastrophic climate change.

So what would a positive vision for Australia as a climate leader look like?

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The Labor and Coalition plans for Australia’s energy future – Full Story podcast | Australia news | The Guardian

Climate and environment editor Adam Morton breaks down the major differences between the main parties’ energy policies and what that means for the future…

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